Hey^^! This is the V5 of the modpack, more detail in comments. BB.

mods pack for OGSE mod v0.6.9.2. Eng (V5)
jejeanarkoponk Author

In the V5:
-Ghost's suit, unic freedom light suit can support 60kg.
-Now seva light suit is unic with proper name, you can no see npc with this.
-Fix ui dolg scien suit.
-New Stalin the first npc (textures ans ui).
-Fix hands of a novice stalker (fix missing textures).
-Now "duplet" textures are normal stalker textures (unic dark valey npc).
-Archie is back.
-Many stalkers have base ogse ghost's suit now (with ui).
-New ui for clear sky faction soldiers (corresponding skins).
-Now ghost zombis and krovosos (with invisible textures) are replaced by green zombi and black krovosos (with ui).
-Burers have the base textures.
-Green plots have base textures now.
-Electric chimera have new textures (corresponding with ui).
-New textures for many Controllers.
-Textures of red and green scientist suits are base now (more detailed).
-Replacement of the unic zombi of yantar by "krisolov" (with ui).
-"Mole" is now in stalker beta ecolo (with ui).
-Now ui for stalker with mask in toursit suit.
-New wolf textures (cop mod) and ui.
-Big rats have base textures.
-Npc with variante nauchyu suit replace by oblivion nauchyu textures.
-New ui for veteran bandit suit.
-New textures for cadavers ecolo in lab x18 (now are blue, textures of oblivion).
-Now in optional, you can change all stalker exo by exoskeleton MK.1, besause in base, now, you is the lone with the exo mk.1, all pnk are back with the normal exoskeleton with ui.

So enjoy, good game at all, and see you for the V6 ;) !

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jejeanarkoponk Author

Little fix for zombis in V5 here:
This fix ruturns red zombis, zombis green are only for ghost.
Sry for that...
++ ;)

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Bonne continuation ...

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jejeanarkoponk Author

Merci bien^^.

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jejeanarkoponk Author

For the stalkers in normal exoskeleton, just delete these 2 files "stalker_bar_security" and "stalker_neytral_exoskeleton", in "gamedata,meshes, actors, neytral". Again forget this, my bad...
See you ;).

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jejeanarkoponk Author

Hello everyone,
I have found help of the creator of "A.A.A. mod", so in the V6 it's includ "Strelok in pullover" (when you have no armor on you). Strart new part must for what it works ;).
So see you soon^^!

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