Good evening, Here I free the mod pack V3 ^^. It contains: -New Ui for strelok, NPC and outfits. -"novice" outfit and "skinner anomaly" have ui and visual different, stalkers suits too, svoboda light suits too. -Bandit veteran and master with strelok face and playable with IU. -military green armor "SKAT" with face and IU. -"Strelok in Seva light suit" is in base gamedata because it has no bugs with animations (again wait sorry, but you can play with;). Optionnal: -You can change "Stalin" the first PNG by a badass skin. -You Can change veteran bandit outfit by "Veteran bandit brown with gasmask and black bag". ┬░In the futur pack, i look for the "Tourist outfit" and "Ghost's otfit", what is the best for, and you will have a visual different that the stalker suit for ;). ┬░Little fix for the UI. So, i espere this mod enjoy for you, good game and See you ^^!!!

mods pack for OGSE Eng (V3)
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