This is a patch for the Dark Mod, just drag and drop and replace the files, I don't really know what's the difference in the scripts, but I saw that the dark mod has its own files so I edited to fit the mod. Any body who want to play with dark mod better install this before starting the game, if you did started it....I don't know, it's up to you :P safety first ! you don't want a crash later ingame :D Only two files will be replaced, one of them is related to the name at the bottom of the menu screen, now it should be something like this "MISERY ver. 2.1.1 DARK MODE w/ The Armed Zone v1.6", but the other file I don't know what it changes, I just restored the original Dark mod file.

Misery : The Armed Zone Dark Mod Start

Yeah :D

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mp5lng Author

The way it's meant to be :D

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wahts the diferences?

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