MF-LandsOfTzar Fixed Version This map is compatible with all Mobile Forces default game modes: Deathmatch,Squad Deathmatch,Capture the flag,Trailor,Detonation,Captains,Safe Cracker. Screenshot included.Minimap not included. Installation: Copy the "mf-LandsOfTzar.umf" map file to your mobile forces game "maps" folder. Copy the "RM-Remedy.utx" texture file to mobile forces game "Textures" folder. Copy the "Two_Beans_-_Stuck" music file to mobile forces game "Music" folder. Level created by TzaR99 (November 2011) Portions of textures use RM-Remedy Texture Pack by Remedy Entertainment Ltd The textures in this file are property of Remedy Entertainment Ltd., and can be used only as long as the work is recognized as original artwork by Remedy, and no financial profit is made in the process. (C)1998-2001 Remedy Entertainment Ltd. Game Created by: (c) Real Time Worlds Limited 2002. All Rights Reserved.

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