Duke has been called in by the military because the Aliens have taken over their new low orbit Skybase. The Aliens are so pissed off that duke keeps on beating them that they construct two laboratory worlds- KOVEGAN and PARADYNE to test his inteligence and formulate a plan to finally defeat him for good. While Duke is busy destroying these places and kicking some serious ass, the aliens steal Skybase to prevent Earth using it against them. When Duke returns to our solar system he finds that the aliens have created a new advanced and replicated Skybase which is now heading to Earth from around the dark side of the moon <On a mission of total annihilation>. The Aliens are now set to unleash their diabolical plan -Win by attrition- they now have OVER 100 frozen warriors to defrost if needed. The only thing between them and our destruction is Duke himself, lets pray we wake up tomorrow.

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