This file is to start with very UNREALISTIC, so if you're looking for realism, don't bother, unless you like dismemberment What this file does? With the standard game, weapons are divided into categories. Light.. Heavy.. Explosive.. This file changes all the weaponscategories to heavy. What will be the effect? Dismemberment will take place with EVERY gun you use. The weakest pistol will shoot a head off, the weakest uzi will shoot leggs off, etc. This file has NO consequences for the damage weapons do. I repeat, it does NOT change the weapons! So if you shoot a living guy in the arm, he won't lose it. However, if it is the FINAL shot, he will lose it. This goes with all bodyparts. It works both with Singleplayer and Multiplayer, but ofcourse, with multiplayer, it is serversided.

MC All Weapons Dismemberment
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