t is a thousand or so years in the future and you are a Martian terraformer stuck in a small station in the middle of nowhere. Since the beginning of the terraforming project, the United Organizations of Earth have been threatening to take control. They do not like the independence that Mars has gained and view Mars as a threat. The United Organizations of Earth are an accumulation of all governments, large corporations, and corporate owned governments of Earth. For over a hundred years they have tightly controlled the population of earth, at an almost microscopic level limiting what they are allowed to know and what they may do. A few months ago, a huge number of radical, highly educated people escaped UOE persecution by coming to Mars in a large space-warp capable ship they built more or less by themselves without the knowledge of the UOE. This was the last straw for the UOE. They attempted to quickly clone the space-warp technology and sent off an invasion force. Only something

Mars War v3.01
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