Type: Halflife Multiplayer Pluggin Model Name: MajorK Release Date: February 16th 1998 Author: Ian Waugh E-Mail: or Homepage: No ( maybe later ) Files: MajorK.mdl, MajorK.bmp, MajorK.txt Instructions: Create a folder Half-life\valve\models\player\ ;MajorK and just unzip all the file into there. This model can be freely distributed as long as this text file is included, unmodified. If you wish to include it in a compilation, Mod or commerical product, please email me first. If you want to do a skin for this model and are a good skinner ( i.e. better than me ) then email me, and I'll help you out with smd files and base skins. Description: Code Name : Major "K" Real Name : N/A Clearance : Orange 4a Black and Double Black opperations Trained for : Counter Survelance, Counter Counter Survelance, Counter Espionage, Counter Counter Espionage, Counter Terrorism, Counter Counter Terrorism, Removal, Extraction, Cleanup , Erasure and Wet opperations. Assigned...

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