v1e made its sprites show up when 'sliding' in Project Brutality & made keyconf not replace all the weapon slots (so it will show up with other custom weapons). v1c-d made it drop occasionally from Project Brutalaties ARzombies and AlternateShotgunners. As of v1b has compatible version with Project Brutality, occasionally dropped by Alt Shotgunguys (the ones with helmets) or ARZombies. Well, this is automatic shotgun m1014, 7 shells, automatic shooting, i guess this is all i have to say... Sprites drawn by me using Left 4 Dead 2 models, also the sound of shot from Left 4 Dead 2. You can aim using Right mouse button. Damage is 15% lower then default shotgun. Name of weapon "autoshotgun". DoomEd number 6683. Any questions, requests - send me a pm.

M1014 Automatic-shotgun v1e
DOOMGABR[RU] - - 107 comments

where i can find it?

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mtencza - - 221 comments

Does it replace the PB auto shotty?

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

No, just dropped by shotgunguys occasionally.

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DOOMGABR[RU] - - 107 comments

Good work, but shells of XM1014 are not compatible with shells of Classic Shotgun and Supershotgun. Waiting fixes :)

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Mefna - - 2 comments

Hi, I've fixed this if you're still interested:

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weather1436886030 - - 172 comments

great weapon! one question, does more or less damage than the auto-shotgun?

if zoom is used, it can shoot quickly, that's awesome :D

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Flammable4444 Author
Flammable4444 - - 47 comments

As i remember, a little bit less damage then regular shotgun.

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Guest - - 699,471 comments

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MasterBert - - 16 comments

You can find it dropped sometimes of the shotgun guys

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FREEMANYOUFOOL - - 16 comments

PB 2.03 has an autoshotgun. What do i do?
Also, Brutal Doom v21b has an autoshotgun.

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