The great master thief once again feels like breaking into a weird house, stealing some stuff etc. This time Garrett chooses the estate of Lord Gibson! There are plenty of good reasons for him to have chosen this particular property. Lord Gibson, a very strange man, has rented out the lower floors of his mansion. His rents are pretty high so there will only be reputable citizens in residence, who should have some valuables tucked away. Perfect for Garrett! Even more alluring is the fact that good Lord Gibson is out this evening, having been invited to play cards with his friend, Lord Foundlerroy, so his rooms shouldn't be too heavily guarded. Furthermore, a necromancer by the name of Damien has contacted Garrett. He believes that there may be old basement vaults, once used by the Hammerites, located under the more than 100 year old estate. It's said that they once accused a necromancer of heresy and locked him up down there. He was reported to always carry a mysterious old book conce

Lord Gibson's Estate
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