This only works with Duke 3D v1.3 (ie a non-atomic version of duke3d.grp). Stranded in your damaged space shuttle you manage to climb out with an airtank. On the other side you spot and float over to an unknown space ship with the earth looming in the background. As you get closer, you are taken in by its size and presence. You muster up your courage and strength and wipe out the initial wave of alien intruders and head for the Moon's Earth Defense Force Headquarters to report your findings. At the Moon EDF life station (R&R) you find that the aliens have established a foothold and are preparing to launch an attack on earth. The quickest way around the moon base is to take the Moon Metroway and find the keycards to the Earth Teleporter. Back at the main Earth Defense Forces HQ on earth, you find yourself a step behind again. Clearing out those *&(#@* aliens, you take the train to the most secret inner Earth Defense Forces HQ and Research & Development Center

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