Unfinished small Office map (will be updated :D). Update: (04.13.2023) - a small graphical update.

Little office map
PsyWarVeteran - - 1,998 comments

Not bad, combine your maps or make a single mod that has an ending. You have the skill.

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r.sempel - - 160 comments

Same here, there is and ending though, both maps have it.

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PsyWarVeteran - - 1,998 comments

There is not an ending here, just a wall with the words "end demo" written on it. These maps are lacking polish but well designed. Some sort of context, like a basic story combined with a proper ending would do wonders is what I'm saying.

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Almazik Author
Almazik - - 6 comments

I agree, at the moment it's just a set of maps, but in the future these maps will be supplemented and new ones will be added.

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monster_urby - - 3,059 comments

Remember to include info_nodes in your map so that the AI can actually navigate it. I was hopeful when I saw the "graphs" directory but it's full of your map sources. :P

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Guest - - 699,718 comments

theyre clean my friend, im waiting for some ore of you :D i loved the maps

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loudbite - - 7 comments

Few issues:
- The info_nodes need some work, the first zombie you encounter had trouble following me around.
- The fan in the first vent is spinning on the wrong axis.
- The stairs in the cafeteria looked a little weird.
- The hallways are pretty barren.

Overall this was fun. I've definitely played worse maps.

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Blazon_Stone - - 23 comments

This was quite entertaining but there's some bugs like items falling through shelves and stuff. I made some stupid comment about shotgun not feeling logical in that place, in retrospect I was just talking out of my *** in my first video playing through HL maps from MODDB, don't take that too seriously.

I will make more playthroughs and hopefully get used to doing so and be more coherent. Haha!

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spectywecty - - 6 comments

pretty cool map :)

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