I met a fellow named Warren last night who had an interesting story. A month ago he was excommunicated from the Hammerite order. Being removed from the only element he knew all his life, he has been forced to make a living as a guard for hire. Last night, he gave up on the value system of the order that rejected him and indulged in drunkenness and female "companionship". He and I got to chatting after his brief encounter with the lady of the night and I learned some interesting things. The Hammers apparently have knowledge of more advanced technology then they let themselves appear to possess; and in fact not all Hammers within the order are even aware of this. My ex-Hammerite "friend" accidently stumbled upon a book containing theory and plans for building a "seeing eye" device, something that will allow the wearer to see in complete darkness. It sounded quite far fetched to me...

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