THIS IS A BASE JKA RELEASE OF A MOVIE BATTLES II MAP, THIS VERSION IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MOVIE BATTLES II. I know this is a very late release concidering the map has been done for a great deal of time. I plan on releasing a promo video sometime in the future. But for now, heres the map for everyone to have a go at. This map is the Leviathan Bridge seen in Knights of the Old Republic. Simple and pretty accurate, along with a bunch of my own graphical enhancements both texture wise and detail wise. If you saw screenshots side by side, you could surely tell. I have also included a Bonus map called Revans Flagship duel. This is the Movie Battles II version of the map featured in RC1 release (going to be updated with RC2 with a few features you see here) based off a cutscene on Knights of the Old Republic. The difference between the 2 is Lighting, and the skybox, mainly.

Leviathan Bridge Duel
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