My informant had assured me I could find the paintings, three to be exact, here in the town of Kingsbridge. I stopped for the night at a seedy tavern named "Mystical Lights." Upon awakening, I found myself locked in the city dungeon. Apparently, the plague had arrived in Kingsbridge, and, as a stranger and new arrival, I was thought to be the culprit. Without having stolen even a single gold coin I was wanted all over the city by the local militia. Someone had served me up on a silver platter. Kingsbridge is known as the best refuge from the plague. They've adopted a unique system: at the first sign of the disease all entrances to the city are closed. No one can come in and no one can get out. This is a fine strategy if the fever is beyond the walls, but in this case the plague was already here. I couldn't escape, and they were convinced that I was the one that had brought the disease here...

Kings Bridge
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