This is a weapon, effects and skin pack for Soldier of Fortune 2. It appears to be an amalgamation of Weapons Mod 5.0 and a personal pack of Xlex-Kin, which can be used for the Singleplayer portion of SoFII. Among the current weapons of 5.0, it also boasts a slew of new additions, such as the 50. BMG M82, the Beretta 92FS, the Steyr AUG and many more. The purpose of the pack appears to be focused on heavy effects over realism, so keep that in mind before installing. Just follow the installation instructions included in the .RAR and you will be ready to go. Also includes a small selection of Screenshots to give you a better sense of what has been changed and added.

Kin Edition 1.2 + Weapons Mod 5.0
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