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KF2 map inspired by Silent Hill/The Mist #grindhouse


Is it a Solo only map? You cannot install it in a server. all must be packed in one file.

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Zwiffle Author

Hmm, I don't understand. I cooked the map, and this is what I got. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the heads up, I've never hosted a server and so I don't know how to go about testing it.

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What? No ! As far as I know having multiple files is not a problem. Most official maps have multiple files. It's just that the files must be placed in a folder like the official ones, instead of in Maps root folder, for example in Maps/SweetDreams

Well of course unless you're using some kind of server hosting service that don't allow you any direct FTP access to the game files, which is just plain dumb.

Also it's true that with multiple files, only the main .kfm is downloaded if a client doesn't have the map installed, so he'll be missing some files, still should work, but fi you can get it packed into one file that would indeed be better.

However there will be no need for such worry pretty soon. When the map workshop will be fully working, then the server will redirect to the workshop version of the map, which can be split into multiple files ;)

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At first this map was weird for me. But after a time, I began like it.
I remembered the 'KF-Hell' map I didn't like at first, but after a time I changed my mind.
Well done.
Vote by 7.
P.S. I didn't find any seriously bug.
The Zeds have a tiny problem to jump over the cliffs when they spawn. But I guess it's bearable.

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Zwiffle Author

Thanks for playing the map, I appreciate the comment. I'm glad you ended up liking it. :)

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It's a decent map. Some of the pros include the fog, the statues (they look awesome) and the general size and spacing. I actually think it looks quite polished. I couldn't find any bugs or issues with it.

I'll be honest though, I did find it quite boring. There isn't much in terms of a theme, I mean I have watched Silent Hill and I was probably expecting a lot more. Adding more gruesome Silent Hill type elements would make this map awesome. Until then, just a bit too bland to actually want to play.

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Zwiffle Author

Hey thanks for the nice words :)

The theme was basically just nightmare-world, so I took some of my favorite elements from horror games and movies, which is why it's so 'disconnected' feeling. That, and trying to tie the various KF2 assets together was harder than I had expected. I also didn't want to do something I expected a lot of other people would do, eg a city level or something, which probably would have been stronger thematically.

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I think you had a cool idea and followed through with it. Creating something unique while keeping it in line with a game's mechanics and playstyle is not an easy task. I like the vision you had for this project and look forward to seeing more from you.

PS I have a special place in my heart for SH lore. My phase one entry 'Hostile Grounds' actually started as a Silent Hill project. I commend you on your effort and I think you did a great job.

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Not sure what's up with the low votes. This map is ******' great. It's perfectly spaced, plenty of escape routes when **** gets crazy and it looks great too. Maybe people don't like fairly abstract maps as it may seem a bit random.
I just wish I could add this map to my server, but when I do, no one else can join. Something to do with the 3 files instead of 1 (and yes, I tried adding them all to a folder. Still doesn't work.). I'd vote it a 9 if I could.

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