The air is thick, disgusting, and it smells bad. This factory still runs even after the horzine outbreak. It didn't take long for the hordes of zeds to find this once hidden sanctuary. Though it does beg the question, is the horzine outbreak really killing the earth? #grindhouse


Some good and some bad things here. The outside is just too dark, the zeds that came at me are fully black. You need to turn on the flash light just to see them. The outside area is absolutely massive and needs to be reduced in size. This in turn brings another issue, the trader pods. With the first trader pod, I had to run about 150 metres to get there, which is way too far. Second one was close to 100 metres away also. These are major issues for me.

On a good note, the indoor areas all look great and are very well made. Your talent is definitely in indoors areas, so I would suggest to make indoor based maps. The outside pollution look and effect is good, and I liked that big pipe going into the building. It's just that the map is way too big.

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