Special edition map 4 gamebanana KF2 mapping contest.


Well, it's not a bad map. But, it's too 'mini' for me.
And please, let give you an idea.
The on first floor the balcony railing is too high for the players can jump over. So, I guess it would be better if we can jump over it.

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UltraKi11 Author

is too big or small?
do u want to jump over railing? if yes, I can make dat :3

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Yes, please. It would be good if we can jump over the railing. For the 'Hell on Earth' players, it could much help us if we could kiting.

And yes, it's too small, I guess. Correctly, I'm not talking about the size of area . It's too empty. Like the Sahara.
I guess, some extra place could help it.
For example, one more extra floor, or a few room instead of the fires around the ground, and some stairs in there and more floor in the houses, etc.
Some extra details! But, I'm not sure. I'm not a designer. I just try thinking. <D

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Decent map. It definitely is 'mini' :) Simple and small maps like this have their uses, such as if you're learning to play certain perks and weapons. It's alright for casual fragging, levelling up, training, experimenting etc. BTW there is a sign that says 'zombies' but actually in this game they are 'zeds'. Also the 'shop' should be called 'trader' to fit the game.

I too would like the ability to jump off the balcony. Definitely add that. It's really just a single player or at most 2 player map. Good map for the niche role I see it fulfilling but definitely not something to play online with 6 players.

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