After massive public outcry, the local Horzine facility was closed. Unknown to most, some outraged Horzine scientists took matters into their own hands and set up shop in the sewer systems. When news of the outbreak hit this southern French city, people were packing up to evacuate - only to suddenly find themselves in the middle. Authorities seemingly did a containment attempt but it appears to have been unsuccessful...


Looks great on the outside, indoor areas do look good too but it is too dark, needs more lighting. It is a massive map, and consequently you'll be running far to get to a trader. I'd be a lot happier if the map was smaller, or if the trader pods were located closer to the centre of the map. Plenty of real estate, lots to explore, really is impressive but just too big for solo. Might be good for a full 6 player compliment though.

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Lorfsor Author

Thanks for you feedback, Tunnel$

The map is no bigger than the TW maps and the walk from one trader to the next is mostly under 30 secs. I tried to balance the distance so you can't simply run to the furthest trader and back to your desired position within the set time. In my opinion, this adds suspense and improves gameplay.

The indoor parts are dark to contrast with the bright outside to prevent the entire map from getting too bright and therefor a bit too easy. With the correct gamma settings you should be able to make out pretty much everything except for some of the collapsed transitions.

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