A 3 Mission campaign for Tiberium Essence featuring GDI, NOD, and the Scrin!

Just the beginning...

Nice, I'll download it right away :D

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Just played the maps...


Damn awesome work with both scripting and map layout. 10/10 for ya.

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out of all of the campains here i liked this one the most, although i doo have to say it is very easy. so i'll score a 8/10 manly due to the amazeing mapping skills.

try to sprinkle enemy forces around the city a little more so that advanceing on the enemy bases is more difficualt.

The nod mission i foun to be a little strange, although the mixed forces you are provided with make sence for their playstyle, but sing as nod focuses on unrest in the populance and terrorism to support them id of like to have seen more assistance from them to help topple the oppresive GDI forces, like say sappers hitting the GDI Tanks with mines and createing a distraction for GDI's forces.

GDI's mission also to could have been harder, support form mutant forces is always apreciated and nod doun't seem to infest the city as mutch, their attacks seem quite feeble as well, prehaps if they had access to mutiple support bases their waves of infantry may have actualy beem more threataning not to mention makeing expantion harder.

I loved the Scrin mission, but GDI domonace over the area seems a little to small, prehaps if you had to clear a drone ship drop area? then eliminate all GDI Firehawk bases befor the scrin force come to demolish the city? then with the attack on the GDI Base begins, then the MKII shows along with a armored escort to push you back, prehaps then you unlock some new units to combat them?

but i digress, keep mapping because your amasing!.........A few new missions would be cool ;)

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SPR Author

Constructive Criticism Noted and appreciated!

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