Island Update 2, sorry for all the updates, but this one is worth it. Add's proper night lighting for the models and add's an animated water texture to the visitor center.

JPOA Island Update 2

i still have not managed to install this properly. could you compress your installation of san andreas with the mods and updates install and send them to me? i can receive the link/download by either megaupload (or any other free upload/download service)or email.

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trancelikestate Author

Well the problem is for mod sites it's not only unethical, but unnecessary. Download the easy install version, the tools, and the island update and contact me on msn trancelikestate at hotmail. Also download teamviewer (it's free) and i will log into your comp and install it for you.

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Great work, problem is i cant fully install it proply but im going to try again, the pictures look great and very like the game, did you get the models of the game life you did for bttf models

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