Its the beginning of the year of the Yin Metal Snake, following closely is Valentines Day! To commemorate this, a trecherous and sneaky map (shaped like a heart) pits APR and UFLL in a dense Jungle Heart! The roads are old and poorly maintained, ancient sinkholes have swallowed portions near the UFLL ceremonies! There are many camp sites scattered about the jungle, be aware of your next footstep, for snipers may be watching you... Deathmatch is designed for hunting and camping, but set up for close quarter spawn points to gaurentee instant action. Team Deathmatch puts the two families on opposite ends of the map, fighting over which church their ill begotten spawn should be wed! Capture the Diamond is trying to tear the families apart! And uprising forces players to explore the edges of the earth... High cliffs and deep ravine canyons, vast jungles surrounding, a sneaky cave for explorers, and competitive driving roads make HeartCry a very versatile map indeed!

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