James Bond Model for Half-Life Author: Matt 'Scorchin' Smith -- All modeling and textures Model Name: James Bond (Sean Connery) Version: 1.0 Relaese Date: 06/04/99 Total Size: 320kB Polygons: 573 Vertices: 301 Texture Size: 66KB () Team Colors: No he's Bond He only fights for one side Animations: Standard DM Player Animations -- changed one just as a test he now looks at his watch when idle Build Time: A week on and off - may spend more time on him in the future Programs Used: 3D Studio MAX R2.5,Photoshop 5 Known bugs: Not completely happy with shoulders but it is no worse than half-life's basic models. Description: This is my first model for any game and is more a result of my experimenting with techniques in 3d max. I know people have asked for a bond model hope this will fill their needs for a while. I chose Connery from Dr. No and Thunderball as these are my personal Favorites and this man was the first to sport the double '0' tag. Maybe one day all...

James Bond
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