This action-packed and nefarious 9 level Doom 2 "episode" set for ZDoom takes you, a hardened veteran space marine, from a UAC base on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan, to the depths of its core and beyond. Only the toughest space troopers need apply. That's you, man.


Not half-bad. You need to put more ammo into the levels, though. Chainsaws don't cut it.

I like what you did with the security cams though.

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This wad was made yearrrrrrrrrs ago

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Ixnatifual Author


There's actually enough ammo to complete the levels from pistol start on UV. But as I recall, you will probably need to find nearly all ammo secrets and be stingy with what ammo you've got. I took a similar approach in the sequel, so you may want to not play on UV in that one on your first go. In Titan 1024, which is sort of a mini remake of Titan, I made finding secrets less important for ammo . Probably because I was smarter about things by then.

Will be uploading both Titan 2 and Titan 1024 soon.

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