It has been a long time since I heard about mystical objects and great treasures. I am getting tired of robbing the same banks and cities over and over. Besides, those "magical" objects are incredibly prized by eccentric collectors. There is a mansion in a secluded valley far away from the city; the former owner has died recently and a certain Stalkreath has bought it. The former owner was a rich and solitary man with peculiar tastes in terms of art. Word has it that a tremendous treasure is buried under the mansion, within a city that sank in olden days. While there is no proof whatsoever that a city is somewhere down there, it is certain that the man had a lot of unique items when he was still alive. The rumour talks about an ancestral kingdom that sank because of its megalomaniac ruler who wished for a city made out of iron. This ruler was often represented by a crown, a large red "gem"-shaped iron nugget, and an iron mask.

Iron Heart
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