More simplified and eye-friendly hud. Works with the latest version of the mod (1.9e). Works on any screen resolution and any aspect ratio (Tested on 4:3 and 16:9). It works in two modes, reduced and enlarged (Size of bars) (Display Size 10 and 11). Update: Added Stamina Bar. (File Reuploaded)

Insanity's Requiem Simple Hud Addon

This is a decent HUD for those who don't like the current HUD, but I have one problem with it. It does not include the stamina bar when you do a double jump or crouch slide. Is it possible for this to receive an update to include the stamina bar?

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LuciferMagne Author

After long time i'm not visiting moddb, i updated this junk and added stamina bar. Enjoy :D

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this is ******* adorable. thanks for doing this :D

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