A man in a black cloak walks into the tavern and starts asking about you. The bartender, after a close examination of the man, points to the dark corner that you are sitting at. As he walks over, you pull out a small, hidden dagger from your belt and hold it under the table. The man sits down and tells you his name is Marc. The mission he is offering you to do quickly unfolds. A Warlock named Zail has, apparently, gotten hold of an Apple of Immortality. The Apple cannot be used to it full potential unless certain herbs and powders can be sought out. While Zail is collecting these ingredients, you are to go inside his unground keep and steal the Apple of Immortality. You ask for background information on this Zail charactor. Marc tells you of several of Zail's explots, many of which are against the hammers. Only two of the tales are of any importance. The first one is a tale decribing a wild burrick that has the ability of turning ordinary rock into silver...

Immoral Immortal
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