hi guys this is my first mod i upload or do i decided to make this to match the half-life campaign Instructions: 1-Download The Mod 2-extract the mod to your hl1 folder example:(c/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/half-life 2/hl1 If it doesn't work tell me in the comments below :) The mod includes:fallpain (complete like hl2 pl_fallpain1,pl_fallpain3),drowning(yaaaay!!),fallgib(if you know what i mean and also fixed no flatline sounds for the hev),death without hev,sonic damage(same sound from death without hev because hl2 was taking the same sounds and why is there a sonic damage because the hl2 beta was having the houndeye npc) known issues: no burn pain sounds sorry because hl source doesn't take burnpain sounds Credits: Valve For making this awesome game and port Enjoy! Update 7/24/2016: Fixed No Drowning Sounds For The Player

Half-life 2 Player Sounds for half-life source
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