Author: Greybeard. Size 51 X 51, File Size 3.6mb, Minimum Ram 128Mb, Max Players 8. Designer Notes: This map was made as a demo map to demonstrate the new Volcano_Metal tileset by Chinahook. High metal map with damaging lava, intended for a good airbattle.Small outlying platforms and a grid of pathways are provided to give you some room for air defense in depth. Lots of resources in terms of metal and geos. Two players supported in each corner. 1 and 5 on bottom left, 2 and 6 on top right, 3 and 7 on bottom right, 4 and 8 on top left, works out to odds across the bottom, evens across the top. No feature files required. The ai profile is set to airbattle. If you use a mod with long range cannons, large platforms will be within range of some of the smaller outlying platforms. Thanks to Chinahook for making another neat tileset to try out! Tools Used: Annihilator 1.5, TAE, HPIView and HPIPack

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