Multiplayer map for 4 players. It's a modified map from my map Radarabasis. It's Hill 40 or in german Hügel 40. Enjoy it :)

Hügel 40

Lovely piece of work here. I really enjoy the desolate bleak emptiness feel to the map. The trench work to is wonderfully put together. Nicely done. I also enjoy how I can look yonder from the outskirts of the map with the many trees and just gaze at the billowing smoke from the broken vehicles in the distance and the scattered dragons teeth and barbed wire. Even the bushes scattered here n there in their various directions are very well dispersed. The sand paths to running through the centre of the map where soldiers have come and gone. Very well presented.

This map introduces a great world war two setting and with multi_9 set in the environment section (f6) can certainly add that extra eerie cinematic feel to the overall map. Even little things like the camp fire in the trees with the wood and can sitting next to it. Little things like that can bring out the most in map making I think. Its exactly that were others on here can see how much imagination has been used in the development of work like this.

Smashing screenshot as well of the german soldier firing the Panzerschreck with the glowing rocket and the smoke behind it. Nicely captured. The mini map to is refreshing with its rather dull grey look.

Top marks to you sir and thank you so much for sharing your work to the AS1 community. 10/10.


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Klillker Author

Thanks a lot :) as usually.

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