"Hell isn't the only place through the UAC gates . . ." Hard luck has brought you to the Realm of Chaos, where battle has been waged since time immemorial. No one remembers how it had begun, or why, but apparently you're not the first of your kind to have been here. Dead marines lie amongst the bodies of fantastic creatures, while some still walk between life and death. After being through Hell, though, you're not at all surprised. With your experienced and discerning eye, you realize which "side" to take, and offer your services to some of the combatants around you, hoping to find a way back home.

Heretics of DooM PublicBeta UP1
Airsickcoot - - 18 comments

I love it, fun as hell!

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MaxRideWizardLord - - 67 comments

I hope it's still in development?

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marco.nadal.75 - - 50 comments

Latest version I have is
Heretics of DooM (01-09-2018).pk7
Size: 9,439,169
CRC-32: 4BF32377
MD-5: c78d92c9d4d1e958abcc966488dd8697
I was looking for newer version too, cause Succubus class is clearly unfinished. It's still fun.

There's 'Heretical Doom 1.5' which is a lot more polished but only has Corvus, plus some variants are mentioned in this thread:

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