This is a 10 map, custom Doom 2 campaign with music for use with Zdaemon. The Germans have been practicing experiments and have found an alternative energy source that is infinite! No more need for oil, gas and electricity. This however has led to a rift between Hell and Earth, where the energy appears to come from, and Earth is slowly consumed by the Devil himself. You must stop him.

Hell Origins v 1.04

I literally JUST completed this WAD and absolutely loved it! I felt a few of the large Serious Sam-esque arenas got a bit repetitive but that's just a personal perspective and not an actual flaw with the WAD itself. Very enjoyable! Was quite a challenge mainly because I completed it with Project Brutality attached on, but overall, I loved it and would love to see this get a Cacoward!

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Treesquid66 Author

Thank you very much for the feedback and compliment! I am glad you had an enjoyable experience with the WAD. Cheers!

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