"Heaven and Hell" map.

Heaven and Hell

Fantastic map, one of his first that was inspired by Hayabusa's (The Mercenaries mod) Cliff Attack map (hence his sub title Cliff Attack 2). He went on to create some fantastic maps until he disappeared just before his final map Pushing Beyond which was the second map in his eight map epic Week of the Dragon (Day 0 to Day 7) He only created three of the maps before he disappeared from the community without a word.
Pushing Beyond was never released, but I can say it was one of his best maps to date. (I beta tested all of his maps)

I remember playing this in Mercs v10 with MadOsga's add-on mini destructible mod (we were testing it at the time and sadly that was also never released because he couldn't fix the multiplayer part, still it worked perfectly in SP. It really made the map look like hell once you'd destroyed loads of objects, many of which would smoke and add to the look of the map).

Anyway, if you haven't already I highly recommend you download this and all of his other maps, most of which are available in this add8on section as well as over in the maps section.

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addendum to my comment above. It was Merc's v11 that the destructible mod was made for, not v10.

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