It has since been turned into a full fledged game: Antichamber, but before that refined art game, it started out as a UT3 mod. You can see the spark of life it had in its infancy. “Philosophical First Person Single Player Exploration Puzzle Art Game,” minimalistic hud and engaging puzzles, that is thought provoking and a vibrant, colourful and surreal metaphor for the complexities of life, set within an interactive labryinth of wonder, where space is warped and nothing is as it seems. Created entirely by Alexander Bruce, Hazard was one of the Grand Prize Winners in Make Something Unreal and won Best Game at Game Connect Asia Pacific. Hazard was also presented at the Tokyo Game Show for Sense of Wonder Night 2009, at the 2010 Game Developers Conference as part of The Nuovo Sessions, and was recently exhibited at E3 2010 as part of the annual IndieCade showcase.

Hazard: The Journey of Life
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