The age of earthquakes,famine,and war has come! Times are rough, as Toxic rock is spewing from the earth. Volcanoes are active, and water and land creatures are dying of Toxic poisoning. Food and water are scarce. The cities are suffering from being heavily reliant on mountain water run off. People are moving about the globe, attempting to find safety and clean food to eat. I overheard a couple of thugs speak of a Hammerite fortress located in the Mountains. They spoke of a Hammerite shipment of steel and rivets, and a precious war hammer known as the "BloodStone Hammer". Supposedly, the Hammer was used in a great war, and was so named because of all the blood it spilled. It is said to be spotted with rubies and gems, and inlaid with solid silver and gold. I bought the thugs more mugs of ale and assessed the job as a good bet for shaking up some loot I need for catching up on my rent. Food is worth almost as much as gold, and water is even more precious now.

Hammered English
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