The base mod is by Seraphicy and I take no credit for the effort and work put into that mod. Go check his mod out! Basically what this mod does is give the player a premade Multiplayer map on Sandbox, with custom AI Encounters, AI Behaviors, scripts, shaders, and a boss fight. The AI have been retweaked to be more aggressive, including Brutes and Elites, the latter of which dual wield in combat too. Brutes have a buff in health, recharging speed, and shield strength. Elites got animations for melee for the turret, and a proper rifle melee animation, as well as a restored sword melee animation that never played in vanilla Halo 3. Jackals have custom shaders for the Minor Shield and Major Shield colors, and no longer cover for so long after being surprised. Hunters have two variants: the standard blue Hunter with the particle cannon, and a bronze Hunter with a flak cannon. Elites have more ranks now. ***ONLY WORKS WITH ONE PLAYER***

Halo 3 Seraphicy's AI Mod Sandbox Expansion (FIXED DOWNLOAD)
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