A little project I did about 6 years ago to convert the maps from "Gun game" into regular survival maps. It only has a few maps so far because the VR ones are currently not working properly. Will add a screenshot shortly.

Gungame Survival map pack 01

OGG files won't download unless the server is running Marco's music downloader and even that's a bit dodgy.... (Marco hasn't updated the mod in a while and seems to have disappeared completely from the KF modding scene since as well; I tried to contact him about this but no answer...) You'll need to make the map with backup vanilla music if the player doesn't have your custom ogg files or else its gonna be silent and zeds heads popping off and bullets and explosions and british profanities everywhere!

Also the game's kinda abandoned now so it's unlikely [TW]Ramm-Jaeger would care about a mod of his mod of the game. So at this point its free for all...

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