Our spies report that there is an underground bunker near the Rhine River in Germany. The bunker is behind a hotel. It would be best if you infiltrate the bunker at night to avoid being spotted outside the bunker. A handful of German officers are also residing in the bunker. You must eliminate all of them. When you have eliminated all resistance, meet up with your escort, who is disguised as an eliteguard, and escape. Good Luck, B.J. OSA Headquarters Inspiration for the creation of this two level mappack came from the Greenbrier bunker in Greenbrier, West Virginia, United States. The bunker was used for protection if the president was in danger, or in case of a nuclear threat. The layout of the bunker in this mappack is similar to the layout of the real bunker. This is the first time we have used a real location for inspiration. If you are interested, you can find some pictures and information about it on the Internet. We hope you enjoy this mappack! Mike and Ron Smith

Greenbrier on the Rhine
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