Author: Tangaroa/Greybeard. Size 19 X 19, File Size 13.6mb, Minimum Ram 128Mb, Max Players 10. A map using Wotan's Zhon tileset conversion. The map was taken to the stage of being complete except for feature placement by Tangaroa, and then offered for completion to the TA Community. Hopefully Tangaroa is not too perturbed by what happened to his map. :-) The map is well laid out, with land bridges between the south and northern land masses, and water separation for east-west. Tangaroa created a 3rd level of heights which don't exist in part 1 of the Zhon tileset release, and used them on this map. The AI is set to default, and can use included default.txt by Switeck (Mostly Harmless v14) for OTA/Bugfix or default.txt from THE PACK's custom ai. Other options include using a hover or air ai of your choice and renaming to default, etc. Map requires tamec2004, tak2004beta, and the included zhonmetal.ufo for features... see readme in download for further details and credit.


Wow, how come I hadn't noticed this map before? Looks good!

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