installation: server in some other skin mod readme I've read that all you have to do is unzip the .pk3 file into "etmain" folder of your Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory dir. well it didn't work for me (the server's ok but the client doesn't use it), so i suggest making it a mod instead: if you already have some other mods in your server (like Etpto), simply place this rrrrrrrrr.pk3 file into your mod dir e.g.: c:/program files/wolfenstein - enemy territory/Etpro but if not: 1. in your Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory folder, make a new folder called "gooph"; 2. place the rrrrrrrrr.pk3 file into it; 3. copy the server settings there too (usually, you copy the whole "profiles" folder from your "etmain" dir); 4. run the server from the command line like this: ET +set fs_game gooph 5. and oh, if you have any .pk3 files in the "gooph" folder with less "r"s in their name - delete them. local Yes You Can!just put this .pk3...

GOOFY WOLF SKINS MOD  v.11r (kind of final)
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