Version 1 was a small room, but this time I have mapped the upstairs section of a house I used to live in, using a video for precise reference. The house is gigantic, and is really meant for long range sniper battles. There is a lot more to do and see in this map than in V1! There is a living room with modern sort of couch, coffee table (with a viola on it!) and some chairs. The dining room is very simple, but the kitchen has some interesting things: Cheez-it box, knife... and a garbage disposal unit! Have fun pushing people in there. There is a bedroom... and a bathroom with a toilet... that you can swim in. Swim down the tube of the toilet and there are some powerful weapons and some medpacks. You might consider it as a secret area, and the fact that I'm telling you about it doesn't ruin the secret, because I doubt many people will read the readme.

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