Fall 1943, Koropove, Russia - South of Kharkov. DLC2 mission/skirmish overhaul on a brand new map. You must first secure the area and then stop BM31 rocket artillery convoy from reaching front lines. Rumor is russian have one of those old heavy t-35 tanks around too... Features: - Soldier models/skins are higher quality, ported from CH. - T-35 tank / Special operationals Panzer IIC tank available. - Brand new map used for this skirmish is also included as seperate mod with this package. Bog 4v4 map for both combat/assault zones multiplayer modes. skirmish/script/skin tweaks/T-35 tweaks by DJSatane / map by Vashyo / BS-3 AT gun, Rocket Launcher BM-31-12 & Studebacker truck by Normand / T-35 tank model by Cromtec / Special thanks to DMS as this is originally based off their skirmish scripts / Special thanks to 1C/1C multimedia for some MoW:CH soldier models/skins hide detail

[Germany] Koropove & Bog multiplayer map 4v4

I think the T-35 should replace the B2 motar in the russian campaighns

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Thanks for the map. Would you mind if I used a heavily altered version in an addon , set in Borneo, I'm thinking of making ?

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djsatane Author

SOrry to get back so late! sure no problem lol.

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