If you were disappointed by SoF: PB's completely aesthetic and pointless iron sights, this is the mod for you! At the time of this release, there are 23 weapons done, and the rest of them should be done soon. The aim button will now raise the weapon's sights and line them up properly so that you can actually aim with them. When the iron sights are not being used, *the weapon is held realistically at "low ready", making it easier to take close range shots in the absence of the crosshair, which has been totally removed. In fact, because the crosshair HAS been removed, I recommend that you only use the iron sights of the weapons that are done, and put opticals of some sort on everything else.

Functional Iron Sights v1.1

Damn! Does this also improve weapon accuracy in ironsight?

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This screws up an already bad game.

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