For many years now sailers have found port in a storm by the mysterious glint of light that appear from "Sansiros" isle, A slab of rock about half a mile offshore, which was a refuge for Hammerite priests in earlier wars. Though thought abandoned for many years, a recent dispatch to a High Hammerite priest intercepted by the Keepers bore the old Stamp of "Sansiros" . Indeed the letter metioned the name Levius, the first of the Keepers to break ranks for a more profitable world. The Keepers have mused that "sansiros" may be the secret Headquarters of the Temple of Forgers, otherwise known as the Hammerite Secret Police. Rumour has it that they have files on everyone..... I have 'borrowed' a Hot Air Ballon from my friend Ramirez, I'm sure he will miss it.....

The Temple of The Forgers
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