The point of these mods is to make the Road to Independence (RTI) and Grand campaigns on the American theatre of war more immersive, by giving each of the combatants more (historical) nuance and individuality. The main changes are: 1. Generic native American factions' units removed* and replaced with more detailed "Warpath Campaign" DLC units. Playable in both RTI and Grand Campaign. 2. Elite, faction-specific units from the Elite Units of America (EUA) DLC are now also playable in the RTI Campaign (for all factions, not just US). EUA unit recruitment no longer region-specific. 3. Britain can now recruit new native American unit: "Mohawk War Party" and infantry unit "60th (Royal American) Regiment of Foot". France can now recruit new native American unit "Abenaki Warriors". All playable in both RTI and Grand Campaign.

FIW packs

how is it installed

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