This Civ IV FFH2 scenario is based on the maps within the first five book of Song of Ice and Fire, and later based on The Lands of Ice and Fire atlas.Also use Wikipedia for reference This is music part of the scenario Sound use Ramin Djawadi's Tracks as original sound Track.These sounds' Copyright belongs to him and this [Game of Thrones] Civilization IV BTS modmod is made for fans playing,it means no commercial use. Add Sound: After download,you should unzip rar and copy all the mp3 into \Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Assets\Sound and then restart game exe to load them. New sound will overwrite ffh's,so you should back up original sounds before copy new sound to this document.if you don't want use them in other ffh game,just use your backup sounds to overwrite these sounds.

FFH2 Game of Thrones modmod Diplomacy music
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