Escape From Outhere Space, EFOS TC Demo This a new TC from TB&JP;. It containes 3 levels, 1 New weapon, a lot new artwork and one new enemie. The final version of EFOS will probely not even look like the demo, (We are only working 1 week!), we only want to let you now that we're working on a TC and that it's gonna be the best one ever. The Story --------- You wake up in your beutiful house and then you notice that everone is gone !!! What the (...) is going on here ? And then, you're beamed up by an UFO !!! When you're in the UFO, you kill every (...) alien there. There is also an extra level to demonstrate the new enemie, the Langolier. Install ------- Just unzip the file in your duke directorie and start DUKE3d.EXE Warning! > User.con & Game.con will be replaced, so make backupz of these files. Have fun !!!

Escape From Outer Space Demo
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