This only works with Duke 3D v1.3 (ie a non-atomic version of duke3d.grp). This is it. A whole new episode for DN3D (6 levels). Author name is Mikko Sandt. This new episode placed on future city of LA.Lots of cool stuff. What this episode adds for you? It give you a five new levels for episode one, lots futuristic places and other cool future stuff. This year 2088. Super corporation are all over world. New alien enemy called Evilation has concuerd a part of world.This part is LA.When Duke2088 hears that the new alien generation has landing on LA he have to take his pistol and go in the streets what are full of alien bastards.You have to go trought five new areas of future and find Boss Evilation.Only then the fate of humanity will be safe.

Episode Future
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