THE ENTERPRISE - A Thief 1 fan mission by frobber Version 1.2 -- Released November 10, 2000 Use DARKLOADER 2.1 or above. ========================================================= The Trickster has been dead 30 days tonight, the world is still saved from his evil, and yet strangely I have grown darker these past weeks. But Why? Comfort from old wine cellars has been easy enough to find, and loot at the expense of my rich neighbors still pays the bills. Is this not the easy life I always wanted with no world in need of rescue? Lisha says this darkness descended on me when my old Hammer eye gave out. But what good is the new mechanical eye the Hammers have waiting for me? Even when I had two perfectly normal human eyes I wasn't any richer than I am tonight! Yet, as I write this, I am beginning to feel a shift in the air ...and not simply the early Autumn wind I hear blowing like it can't wait to get home to Old Man Winter. Perhaps it's just another crazy dream, but something keeps s

Enterprise v1.2
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